Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's fine, I have a skincare blog...

So to start this out, I live in a dorm. This means I share a floor with tons of other college students, boys and girls (yay..) Now the rest of this post will make sense.

So, I hate having to answer the door after I shower.
Because normally after I shower I'll do my skin routine before bed and continue to work before I go to sleep.
Why is this a problem?
Well... my skin routine includes a charcoal mask, and well, charcoal is black. This contrasts highly with my skin tone and basically makes me look like an idiot.
Then people knock on my door, sometimes it's friends (which is fine because they know I look like this and love me anyways) {kinda}. Sometimes it's just acquaintances and then the response is holy s***! what the hell is on your face?! which is ALWAYS fun... and sometimes it's random people looking for my roommate, and then they just have this look of shock on their face and I'm just like.. yeah, my roommate isn't here *shut door* and think well there goes my self esteem (not actually)

So to sum this up, I have a skin care blog, my face looks weird after I do my routine, I will continue to use "I have a skin care blog" as an excuse to look like this (and to justify it) 


PS: I have been trying some new products and my next post will be reviews!