Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spotlight: Scarring

Hello All! I'm sorry for the lack of posting lately :/ My hardrive on my computer actually crashed so it's in at the shop. My mother is kindly allowing me to use her computer in the meantime. 

So when you're a teenager there is nothing worse than spots and waking up with bumps right?
WRONG, the worst part is dealing with the after effect- Scarring

Scarring is more persistent and it may seem like there is no way to get rid of it expect hope it fades with time. The spots are bad enough but this brings it to a whole new level, it must be some kind of cruel joke right?

Sure there are ways to get rid of scars but all of the advertised procedures are so very spendy, and if you have continuous breakouts that just isn't an option. Scarring just isn't fair because first you have the unsightly spots but now you add it red marks or pitted areas? NOT COOL! Especially if you are now clear

Well, I have some other ways that are not very well advertised. (mostly because they are cheaper and some are considered "home remedies" or "DIY" skincare)

Here are three ways to get you started

1. Lemon juice
Yes you heard me right, lemon juice is an acid and you may have heard some people use it in their hair to lighten it. Well it has the same effect on skin, it will lighten and fade scars (although it will do nothing for the pitted ones). Please take caution in the amount you use and how often, look up recipes to be safe! 

2. Essential oils
Some oils are good for scarring and damage, ones that I like are Frankincense and Myrrh. You can usually find these at natural remedy stores or supermarkets, I found mine at Whole Foods (heaven) and my local Remedy Pharm

3. HealGel
I have talked about this product before, it is GREAT for scars. It was developed by Britain's top five cosmetologists because it was intended to help patients reduce down time after a procedure, however it was released on the market because it is good for healing just about anything. I like the HealGel Intensive but there are other types as well.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more! 



Thursday, March 28, 2013

Charcoal Mask

So I thought I would share the recipe to one of my most loved masks!
This is a mask I make myself :)

3 charcoal capsules 
5 drops of tea tree oil
100% Aloe Vera Gel (I just see how much I need)
Water (eyeball it)

The mask should be gel-like not paste-like**

This mask is good for a few things and is very multi-tasking 

Breakdown of what the ingredients do:

1: it is surprisingly very moisturizing (the aloe does this)
2: the charcoal draws out impurities in the skin
3: Tea tree oil is good for acne prone skin 

Honestly I would say this mask is good for pretty much any skin type, except maybe very very dry skin, if you do have dry skin I would skip the tea tree oil

**Note: I have combination skin and this works for my skin type

More to come!



Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vampire Facial!

So I felt I definitely needed to update you all after what I had done yesterday
drumroll please.....
Ok yes that sounds like the weirdest thing on the planet 
So here's how it works 
Basically they take your blood (from your arm) and put it in a centrifuge, that separates the blood from the platelets. They take the platelets and mix it with a serum and inject it into pitted scars. This mixture creates a growth factor and plumps up the area and gets rid of the scar. Or it will at least improve the scar (depending on how deep it is) by half. 
They do numb your face but MAN it hurts! However, it was totally worth it for me.
Most of these procedures are on the more expensive side so make sure your face is not still breaking out severely or it will not be worth it at all. Also depending on your scarring it may take 1-4 times, for me it will only take 1-2.
After the procedure I was warned against redness and/or little bumps (like a TB bump) where they injected the PRP, I only had the redness (and it's only the day after). 
Also after they injected my face they mixed the rest of the PRP with cream and put it on my face. Then they took a laser (doesn't hurt at all) and passed it over my face once. The purpose of this is to drive the PRP into your face and raise all of the little imperfections on your face because you cannot inject the smaller scars. 
Overall I really like the procedure and believe it really helped! 

Feel free to comment any questions you may have, I will answer all of them to the best of my ability!



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tips for ANY skin type - teen skin tips

Good Morning skin care fanatics! 

No matter what type of skin you have these are some things to follow:

1. No matter how OILY your skin may seem DO NOT neglect a good moisturizer
Here's why:
When your skin is deprived of moisture it creates EVEN MORE oil, clogging pores and making your face shiny and oily
So if you do have oily or blemish prone skin invest in a moisturizer that says "oil free" or "oil reducing"
Don't deprive your skin of the moisture it needs!

2. Do not excessively wash your face
Here's why:
When you wash your face you strip your skin of the natural oils it produces, if you wash excessively you only create more of the oil (so no it doesn't make your skin "cleaner")
Instead opt for oil blotting papers, it removes excess oil but does not strip the skin.

3. Do not use overly drying products all over your face
Spot treatments are good for the odd bump but don't try to prevent bumps by using it all over. When you severely dry out your skin it will flake and crack and just look bad. 
Also, most of these products are not good for your face in the first place and they may contain harsh chemicals. 
Masks are also good but they are only meant to be used once a week, always look at the directions! And also make sure the mask is a fit with your skin type and what you want it to fix/help.

4. Get a good exfoliator! Your skin needs to turn over cells and slough off the dead skin, this is why people use things like the clarisonic or things with exfoliator beads in them. 
HOWEVER, do NOT use something with the beads in it. 
Here's why:
The little beads can harm your skin and create little scratches in the dermis (layer of skin)
I for one like the clarisonic (to be used only once a day[I use mine at night])
A exfoliator that is good for all skin types is the Oat Facial Polish by Naturopathica (a brand I ADORE)

Good Luck!
Until next time



Monday, March 25, 2013

Overview on myself

I have dealt with skin imperfections from the ripe age of 13, so I know a lot about the skin care world. The dermatologist route with medications (both topical and oral) did not go well so I took skincare into my own hands. 
Here is an overview of my skin:

Type: Combination
Somewhat blemish prone
Fair skin with pinkish tint (thanks mom)

Anddd the products I CURRENTLY use:

Cleanse: Ole Henriksen Aloe Cleansing Gel
Tone: Orgins "United State" toner 
Serum/Scar lightening: PCA A and C Synergy Serum
Straight Aloe from Whole Foods (I just like it)
Moisturizer: Naturopathica Rosemary Oil-Reducing Moisturizer
Scarring Preventative: HealGel Intensive

(same for morning and night except I do use a Clarisonic with my cleanser at night)

Random other products:

Kiehl's Deep pore mask
Out of Trouble Mask (Origins)
Clear Improvement (Origins)
Egyptian Magic Healing Cream
and I make my own face mask with activated charcoal and tea tree oil (I will feature later) 

(these are not things to use every day, use as needed for blemishes and imperfections)

I'm sure I will be talking about the individual products at a later date 

More to come!! (makeup and review of individual products) 




Hello blog community!  A lot of my friends and family have been urging me to start a skincare blog and I finally decided to give in. I am really into natural skin care and finding the best natural products out there! (through lots of hours of research) I hope to help some people out, I also am into natural makeup as well, mainly mineral makeup and BB creams as opposed to foundation and heavy clogging powders with 50 million terrible ingredients. This blog is my opinion and advice, it will not necessarily work for you because everyone has different skin types. (although I will try to give general or specific tips to different skin types)