Sunday, January 26, 2014

Food Allergies and Skin

So this is the "inside" of my blog title, which is sometimes the most important to get the outside looking the way you want. 

So I used to be allergic to wheat/gluten, dairy/casine, soy, peanut butter, it was miserable as you can imagine. The most often question I would get was "so... what DO you eat??" The worst was seeing other kids eat all of the things I wasn't allowed to have, because as a kid you really can't comprehend that you're not allowed to have something that everyone else gets. So yes it did suck, but my parents (mostly my mother that cooked) tried to have alternatives for me. However as I got older and we went out to eat (especially at italian restaurants) I kept hearing the phrase "just eat a salad." Now don't get me wrong I love salad, but it definitely made me angry that they would suggest that I just have a plain salad while everyone around me had decadent pizzas and pastas and various desserts. 
Anyways, getting to the point. Food allergies have a lot to do with our skin and affect our skin in a major way. If you are allergic to wheat (for example) and you eat it, it can cause inflammation which shows up in our skin, and anything you can't process will be let out through the skin (which is where most of our toxins that our body can't process end up being excreted{in the form of acne}).
Now getting to the real main point, four years ago- after doctors had told me I would NEVER outgrow my allergies- my tests came back clean. I was beyond excited, I didn't really indulge in dairy because I never had it and it just didn't look or smell appetizing. But wheat... being italian I went crazy, I indulged every once in a while in pasta and pizza and such, it was delicious. Now four years later my doctor told me it may be causing inflammation in my skin and back (wheat/gluten and dairy/casine), after being a couple weeks clean I have no back pain (which is great) and I think my skin is a bit better, I will have to see after 60 days how it looks. It definitely sucks but I'm working on getting alternatives to have at college and I am working with dining services to have more options (because it is somewhat impossible to eat in the caf with my food allergies).
If you haven't been allergy tested and have acne I would really recommend it, food plays a big role in our skin and body in general. Also if you suspect digestion issues (not just food allergies) then I would recommend digestive enzymes. I know people who swear by them. 

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