Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tata Harper and Space.NK Apothecary

Ok so I just had to make this blog post today.

I got a new product today that I happened to also try for the first time tonight. I found it in a little store called Space.NK Apothecary that was in Bloomingdales. I've wanted to go check this place out so many times but I've always ran out of time and made a note to do it next time. Well finally next time came today and the very nice saleslady told me all about their history. It is a UK company and it first started out in London and now it has over 60 stores. 

Of course I was intrigued by "apothecary" at first because I try to only use natural products. They sell a lot of brands but one stood out, Tata Harper (yes this is actually the name.) Tata Harper is an all natural brand and feel free to look it up for a history and philosophy (it's pretty awesome.) 

Long story short I've been looking for a cleanser for my mother (because why wouldn't she come to me haha.) We ended up deciding on the "Refreshing Cleanser" for her because it is all natural, good for sensitive skin, and good for dry and mature skin. We'll see how she likes it and how I did at recommending something for her. I got a different cleanser (because I'm such a skin care o'holic and will not stop streamlining my regime and looking for better products), the "Regenerating Cleanser" that is good for combination skin. Because of the small exfoliating beads it is great for getting rid of dead skin cells and improving cell turnover rate (getting rid of scars essentially.)

Ok so now down to what I thought of my purchase.

Price: well... quality is important

Ingredients: I have to say I am pretty impressed with the natural ingredients, thumbs up!

Packaging: alluring because of it's bright colors, also they make recyclable packaging which is pretty cool 

Effectiveness: although it is WAY too early to tell how this will work for me I'd say I pretty much love this product already. I've used it once and all I can say is RAVERAVERAVERAVERAVERAVE. Ok yea I like it, it has a GREAT scent to it and it is all natural (no perfumes added.) It also has a great feel to it! After I used it my skin looked rather glow-y and radiant which was pretty awesome. It gives you a super clean feeling without you feeling like it has just stripped your skin. (I also did use it with my clarisonic if that makes a difference.)

In essence I really like the philosophy behind the line and the product itself, I will update on it in a week or two!



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