Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sulfur vs Sulfates

So I decided to make a mini post about something. 

Sulfur and sulfates may often be confused or thought to be the same thing, they are two very different things! One is good and one is bad. 

If you see sulfates on the ingredient label I would not use that product, sulfates are bad! However sulfur is not bad and is not the same thing as sulfates. 

Sulfur is shown to drastically improve skin blemishes if used correctly. If you see a product with sulfur in it, it is good! Sulfur is a mineral found in both natural hot springs and in the old Roman baths. It has healing qualities and also will help blemished skin. However be careful! Sulfur is toxic if ingested orally (in large quantities) do not let your pets lick your face if you have a product with a high sulfur content. This may seem silly but it could be a real risk. 

Hope this clears some things up for people and helps those looking to clear their blemishes :)



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