Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Makeup, for guys too?

Women have always had the monopoly on the makeup industry, which of course makes sense right? Women are the ones who actually use it. Well wrong, they may be the majority but men wear makeup too! People always say well only the gay guys wear makeup, real men don't wear it. I resent that comment because it is NOT true! Men have the same insecurities as women, they worry about their facial acne just as much. Some may not care, others may care but not enough to resort to makeup. But there are plenty of guys on youtube who have makeup tutorials, are some of them gay? Maybe, but why should that matter. I think it's perfectly fine for anyone to wear makeup. I think we women could actually learn something from the men who do makeup, they wear it to cover imperfections (mostly) and sometimes you cannot even tell that they have any makeup on. To me that is the right way to apply makeup and how I have always done it, no one ever believed me when I said I wore makeup and probably the only time they noticed is when I had my makeup done for an event. It was way over the top but everyone insisted how gorgeous I looked, and you know what? I absolutely HATED it!! It felt heavy and gross. But really to each his own, it doesn't matter what gender you are or how you like your makeup done, sure I have opinions but that only influences how I apply my own makeup. And of course if someone asks me I will share my opinion but they may choose to follow something different which is perfectly fine! My brother is a great example of this, and may I say he looks fierce in his pictures and youtube videos!

Also I'm not sure I will be making the facebook page, however I have been toying with the idea of a youtube channel and videos. We'll see... 

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