Friday, August 23, 2013

Spot Treatment, Healing, Update

So I'm going to share a few things in this post:
1. Best natural spot treatment 
2. Best natural way to heal an old spot/scar
3. Update on washing with salt/things I've tried with it
4. How I wash and care for my skin

So first, the best spot treatment I have developed is similar to my charcoal mask

First you make a smaller portion of the mask (1 charcoal capsule, a small amount of aloe, and one drop of grapefruit oil or tea tree oil) 
Next you dab it on the spot and when it is still wet put a bit of salt on it
Let dry and repeat the next day (and so on)

However, if you have dry or very sensitive skin I would recommend using bee magic (something I've been loving lately) and the salt, you don't want to kill your sensitive or dry skin

Why this works: the charcoal draws out impurities, the aloe heals, the salt also acts to draw out impurities, and the grapefruit oil heals and smells good! 

the bee magic works because it is very healing and prevents the salt from completely drying out your skin 

So you're clear but have the after effects of the spots (UGH!), you may even be experiencing some scabbing. What I find works for me is using bee magic and aloe mixed together to dab on the scab or scar, then get some moleskin and cut a small piece to put over the scab/scar. This is ultra healing and the moleskin locks in the healing goodness. Why not a bandaid? Because a bandaid allows air in and this (for some reason) is not as effective. I would not suggest keeping it on for too long because air needs to get to it eventually. Normally I will sleep with it on and be able to see a huge improvement in just one night, depending on how bad the scab/scar is it could take up to three or four nights to completely heal. 

 So I have been using regular salt to exfoliate my face with at night. I have tried several different things. 
a. wet face and rub salt on and wash off (beware this does sting if you have open wounds!)
b. wet face and pack salt on and let sit (my face was on FIRE with this, I wouldn't recommend it)
c. wet face and pack salt on and put hot washcloth on to sit (my face was less on fire but I still wouldn't recommend this)
d. slather bee magic over face in a thin layer and pack on salt (this was the absolute best!)

For me option D was the best, it did not sting and allowed me to leave it sit for 5-7 minutes and then rub in small circles and wash completely off. It was also very moisturizing because of the bee magic. However option A was not bad, just beware that it will sting a little. 

So when I last updated I was just using my sappo hill soap, which is still the case! I absolutely adore this soap and just bought 9 bars for college. However I now use my clarisonic brush head to get extra lather. I wet the brush head and the soap and then rub the soap on it till I get a nice lather to put on my face. And then after that I use my aloe mixed with a drop of grapefruit essence and a drop of lemon oil. I have the same routine for morning and night except for the salt mask/wash(which is only for night). The only other things I will do are the charcoal mask or spot treatment. I don't use any other products for my skin and all I use for makeup are my Jane Iredale powder and blush, I have been using this since 7th grade!!!! I really hope my roomate in college doesn't think my skin care habits are too strange, at least I have the excuse of this blog. 


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