Friday, August 2, 2013


Ok so I haven't posted in a while, I decided to do an update on my routine for my skin and just in general. In my last post I was doing pretty much nothing and since then I have changed some things. I tried to start using my clarisonic again with disastrous results, I think it is just way too harsh for my semi sensitive skin so I am not going to use it again. So my routine now is as follows:

Organic Sappo Hill Oat Soap (there are literally three ingredients in this)
Aloe Vera mixed with a drop of grapefruit essence (not oil)
Mineral powder and mineral blush [Jane Iredale] (for the day, sometimes I don't wear makeup at all)

Organic Sappo Hill Oat Soap
Salt wash (ok this is really new, I will explain about it down below)
Aloe Vera mixed with a drop of grapefruit essence

So the salt wash I heard about from a youtube video or other blog, I forget which. But basically you take some sea salt and rub it on your hands for a few seconds (and make sure you have splashed your face with warm water already!) and then very gently massage it into your skin for 10-15 seconds and wash off with warm water. Salt is really great for your skin, you may notice that your skin looks a but better after being in the ocean, it's because of the salt! The salt cleanses the excess oil away and also gently exfoliates dead skin and gets rid of any build up. I think this is an awesome thing to do at night and I'm sure every night would be ok, I'm just newly trying this out so I will update on it!

Also, I am still using my charcoal mask once a week, it is my absolute go to mask and you can even switch up the oils you use, instead of tea tree I've been using grapefruit essence which has been really great for my skin!! I also have been making a lesser amount of the mask to spot treat, which dries up any problem spots really well!

As for any other updates lately I have been really conscious about the ingredients in all the products I use, hair care, lotion, etc. I now use an all natural shampoo (or as close as I can get right now) which means no sulfates! Also instead of lotion I have been using coconut oil to moisturize my body, not only does it smell sooo good but it moisturizes for days and makes your skin look really toned! I am really analyzing what things I put in and on my body and trying to eliminate things that I know have synthetic ingredients or chemicals in them. More updates to come!

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