Friday, January 10, 2014

My Acne Story- A Six Year Journey

So over the years my skincare routine has changed so much, I've tried home remedies, natural products, and even medicated/prescription products. I've literally tried them all, or at least it feels that way.

Let me share with you what DOESN'T work
(For me anyways)

So for me nothing the derm ever prescribed or tried worked
this includes:
clean and clear
benzoyl peroxide
tazorac (tazrotene)
cortison injections
beta peel

As you can see it's a pretty comprehensive list, the only thing missing is accutane (isotrentinoin)which I was not about to use after my terrible experience with the other oral medications.

It was at this point I took skincare into my own hands 

products I tried that didn't work:
tea tree oil (too drying)
regular bar soap (too drying and not effective on acne)
tata harper (too abrasive)
tatcha (too abrasive and not effective)
first aid beauty cleanser (not effective) 
murad products (not effective)
Asian brand cleansers (I can't even remember the names but not effective)
Vampire facial
Chinese medicine
various vitamins and supplements
obagi (nightmare!!!)
ole henrickson

and then I tried the caveman routine, literally didn't do anything to my face except wash with water and put aloe on, even THAT didn't work! 

So you can imagine I was pretty fed up

I then tried birth control, which made the situation much worse. 

Now, what has worked?
Well nothing has quite worked completely (YET) but it has gotten so much better with my current routine. 

First I saw a hormone specialist, because I new hormones were probably at least part of the problem (and I was right)
From that doctor I am taking some hormones that will specifically address my personal deficiencies and abundances of certain hormones. 
Second, I consulted an esthetician that I trusted. The woman in question has had very bad eczema for much of her life. And in addition to recommending products she also recommended digestive enzymes, because food has SO MUCH to do with our inner and outer health and it really does affect the skin.
And third, I stopped using my makeup, and my skin improved SO MUCH. I have found out that I am allergic to a lot of ingredients found in most makeups (mica, bismuth oxychloride, talc, titanium dioxide, and parabens)

So my current routine is this, they are all Naturopathica products (by far my favorite and most trusted brand)except for the creams from my doctor.


Aloe Cleanser
Cream from doctor
Calendula Moisturizer
Lavender honey balancing mist (optional)

Sweet Lupine Cleansing Cream 
Cream from doctor 
Cassis Moisturizer 
Botanical Skin Brightener
Moss Blemish Treatment (overnight)

I also take a couple of supplements: Iron, Vitamin D, B12, and something called Hormone Protect. 

I have ordered a makeup from Epic Beauty Minerals that contain none of the things I'm allergic to, I will update on how it goes! 

Why has it worked? My skin needed natural but effective products that would calm my irritated and sensitive skin. I mean if I was my skin I'd be pretty irritated at me for throwing all of those products at it that were completely wrong. Anyways. 

Until Next Time!!


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  1. Hi Abbey,

    Have you tried any of the Lush products? I would highly recommend it. Ever since I started using their soap, mask, and toner combinations, my skin has been so easy to manage. Their products are natural too, and they have different types of products that match your skin type.

  2. I have never tried them although I have heard of them. Looking at them they look like a grainy complexion? I unfortunately cannot use anything like that because of my ultra sensitive skin.

  3. Their soaps and toners are very gentle. I have sensitive skin myself and I am pretty skeptical of bar soaps, but I love the Lush stuff! For sensitive skin, I would recommend Fresh Pharmacy. I've used all kinds of stuff on my face (many of which are on your list) but I've stopped looking since I found Lush.

  4. That's awesome! Just curious have you ever tried Naturopathica? Also how bad was your acne?

  5. I haven't. It seems quite expensive though. I had pretty bad acne and if I stop using my products my face pretty much goes nuts (mostly my forehead, cheeks, and nose).

  6. I would agree that it is on the more expensive side. To me it is worth it to have products that are high quality, all natural, not tested on animals, and have recycled packaging. The products also last a really long time, so that also makes it worth it that I don't have to constantly have to buy more product. Also do you use makeup? I found out that I was allergic to mine and that's why I was breaking out so badly so frequently (that is my next post) I stopped wearing it and my skin greatly cleared up (not completely clear though).

  7. Also I have checked out the lush products, unfortunately they contains parabens as well as many ingredients I am allergic to