Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vampire Facial!

So I felt I definitely needed to update you all after what I had done yesterday
drumroll please.....
Ok yes that sounds like the weirdest thing on the planet 
So here's how it works 
Basically they take your blood (from your arm) and put it in a centrifuge, that separates the blood from the platelets. They take the platelets and mix it with a serum and inject it into pitted scars. This mixture creates a growth factor and plumps up the area and gets rid of the scar. Or it will at least improve the scar (depending on how deep it is) by half. 
They do numb your face but MAN it hurts! However, it was totally worth it for me.
Most of these procedures are on the more expensive side so make sure your face is not still breaking out severely or it will not be worth it at all. Also depending on your scarring it may take 1-4 times, for me it will only take 1-2.
After the procedure I was warned against redness and/or little bumps (like a TB bump) where they injected the PRP, I only had the redness (and it's only the day after). 
Also after they injected my face they mixed the rest of the PRP with cream and put it on my face. Then they took a laser (doesn't hurt at all) and passed it over my face once. The purpose of this is to drive the PRP into your face and raise all of the little imperfections on your face because you cannot inject the smaller scars. 
Overall I really like the procedure and believe it really helped! 

Feel free to comment any questions you may have, I will answer all of them to the best of my ability!



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