Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tips for ANY skin type - teen skin tips

Good Morning skin care fanatics! 

No matter what type of skin you have these are some things to follow:

1. No matter how OILY your skin may seem DO NOT neglect a good moisturizer
Here's why:
When your skin is deprived of moisture it creates EVEN MORE oil, clogging pores and making your face shiny and oily
So if you do have oily or blemish prone skin invest in a moisturizer that says "oil free" or "oil reducing"
Don't deprive your skin of the moisture it needs!

2. Do not excessively wash your face
Here's why:
When you wash your face you strip your skin of the natural oils it produces, if you wash excessively you only create more of the oil (so no it doesn't make your skin "cleaner")
Instead opt for oil blotting papers, it removes excess oil but does not strip the skin.

3. Do not use overly drying products all over your face
Spot treatments are good for the odd bump but don't try to prevent bumps by using it all over. When you severely dry out your skin it will flake and crack and just look bad. 
Also, most of these products are not good for your face in the first place and they may contain harsh chemicals. 
Masks are also good but they are only meant to be used once a week, always look at the directions! And also make sure the mask is a fit with your skin type and what you want it to fix/help.

4. Get a good exfoliator! Your skin needs to turn over cells and slough off the dead skin, this is why people use things like the clarisonic or things with exfoliator beads in them. 
HOWEVER, do NOT use something with the beads in it. 
Here's why:
The little beads can harm your skin and create little scratches in the dermis (layer of skin)
I for one like the clarisonic (to be used only once a day[I use mine at night])
A exfoliator that is good for all skin types is the Oat Facial Polish by Naturopathica (a brand I ADORE)

Good Luck!
Until next time



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