Sunday, April 21, 2013

Skin Care - Plane

So I thought since I was traveling I would take the opportunity to describe skincare for the plane

This is one of the subjects that even I have trouble with, and I've done so much researching online and every time I travel I hate what the plane does to my skin

finally I feel as though this time I did something right on this trip!!

Ok, so the plane obviously has recycled air with little to no moisture content, so it pulls ALL (and I mean all) of the moisture out of everyone's skin, which results in dry, angry skin and sometimes if you are blemish prone a whole mess of spots. 

so some of you may be thinking wait... if you said it draws out moisture why would that cause breakouts? Well your skin responds to the dryness by producing MORE oil and therefore clogging your pores. Seems like we just can't win!

Some people say to bring a small spray bottle with water to replace the moisture, DO NOT DO THIS!!! It will only make the plane draw out more moisture and make a big mess of everything. 

Also do not wear any makeup, it will only clog your pores and dry out your skin even more. I do not have fantastic skin but I do not wear makeup on the plane. The only thing that would help would be an ultra moisturizing BB cream, which I did wear on the last flight because I did not want a completely bare face. 

So what I did on this trip is brought two different types of moisturizers (Sisley Flower Gel and Naturopathica Lavender Moisturizer)

I applied the flower gel right away on the plane and reapplied a more generous coating once the first layer had soaked in. I would periodically feel a patch of my skin and determine whether I needed more moisturizer (this will vary from person to person) and for this I used the Naturopathica moisturizer. I also had blotting papers to get the excess off (after a few minutes) or any oil produced by my face during the flight. 

For the second half of my flight I brought a moisturizing mask, this is an actual mask that you buy pre-packaged from any Asian store. Sure I may have looked a little strange with a black cloth mask on my face but it's worth it if I don't have to deal with super dry blemished skin after the flight. Confidence is key, I really didn't care what I looked like and if you care that much bring a sweatshirt and put the hood up. I use the Kracie brand and sometimes I will branch out and try another mask if it looks good. These masks work because they have hyaluronic acid which is uber moisturizing. 

So I definitely did the regime right this time around because my skin was not too dry and did not break out at all, yay!!

I really hope this helps you guys :)



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