Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Skincare FOR GUYS

Ok so I realize my blog is MOSTLY directed towards teen girls, well that's going to change 
girls actually may have some idea how to manage their skincare and of course makeup but I've talked to a few guys and they said that they had no clue and needed guidance 

so here goes!

First off I want to tell you guys out there that I am not going to be telling you all sorts of complicated things to do, because honestly skincare isn't supposed to be like that for ANYONE 

What I'm going to recommend is simple and natural, perfect for guys

Ok it's the same for everyone, your skin care will depend on your skin type 

If you have normal skin and have never really used products I would suggest to start out by actually WASHING your face (with a washcloth with warm {not hot} water) morning and night

However if you suffer from blemishes you might want to invest in a simple face wash, the one I use (unisex) is the Naturopathica Aloe Cleansing Gel. Guys will like it because it does not smell girly or fruity. It is designed for normal to oily skin. 

UPDATE: There is also a mens wash now available through Naturopathica

If you have dry skin I would recommend washing your face (with warm towel and such)and investing in a moisturizer. Sure all of you should be using one but let's face it guys are lazy with their skincare, even some girls are. I would recommend a sunscreen moisturizer, I use the Elta MD one and I like it (also good for people with blemish prone skin) 

UPDATE: Naturopathica has a moisturizer for men, also sunscreen CAN break you out

If you find you need something more effective for your blemishes I would suggest the brand Jack Black (no its not the actor {at least I don't think so}) they seem to have really good products and you can get them pretty much anywhere. Yes this will involve going out and getting the product (or amazon)

Now a lot of guys are really unsure when it comes to popping your spots, there IS a right and a wrong way and there is a time to DO it and NOT to do it. When it is at the head and super disgusting looking (you know what I mean) you should get a warm towel and press around the spot, BUT if it is way underground and just inflamed it will only make it WORSE if you try to pop it SO DO NOT TRY. 

Hope this helps! 
Comment any questions :)



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