Monday, April 15, 2013

Sorry! + Clarisonic Discovery

So I was at the lovely Coachella all weekend, hence the absence of posts.

Anyways the late nights definitely helped me realize a few things about my extensive skin regime

1. Using the Clarisonic every day is NOT good (at least for my skin)
it actually was causing a lot more irritation than I thought and causing unnecessary breakouts because it was stripping my skin of all it's essential natural oils 
I will now use it every two to three days

Do not for one second think that you should use 5 billion products to make your skin do this or that or stop doing that thing you hate. It will probably cause more issues, stick to a few products at night 

If you use toner in the morning you do not need it at night, also avoid anything with sunscreen because you don't need it, also invest in a lighter moisturizer that will not make your skin too oily at night

Just a few tidbits of advice :) 



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